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Avoidance Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent

Berwick Tax are professionals in Avoidance Investigations in Sittingbourne. We can assist you with any queries or advice should you be under investigation for tax avoidance. Here at Berwick Tax we can provide you with information to help with your investigation and support you in ways so you know how to be prepared. Berwick Tax offer expert advice on tax mitigation, as well as support in HMRC ‘CoP8’ Avoidance Investigations. Clients regularly come to us for advice on alternative strategies and extra information in dispute situations. We have strong, professional experience when it comes to Avoidance Investigations in Sittingbourne.

Avoidance Investigations are conducted by officers from HMRC’s Specialist Investigations’ units. The cases typically involve complex or technical issues, which are outside the scope of HMRC’s local office network and require a certain level of HMRC representative to cater for the inquiry. This also means Avoidance Investigations require a certain level of tax adviser to assist and make sure you are advised according to the latest HMRC rulings.

Typically involving offshore issues, Code of Practice 8 investigations require careful, and specialist, handling to ensure the best possible outcome for the taxpayer. The investigations usually start with HMRC seeking a substantial volume of information and records from yourself in reference to your affairs. We recommend our advice should be taken as soon as the initial letter is received, to ensure that an appropriate response is sent and no damage can be caused by yourself towards the Avoidance Investigation.

Our aim is to always obtain the best possible outcome for our clients after Avoidance Investigations. We work by understanding individual’s circumstances in order to get the best possible outcome. Berwick Tax are proud of our success rate and our communicate between ourselves and the client. Strong communication enables the client to get the most out of our service in order to get the best result in a Avoidance Investigation.

If you live in Sittingbourne and are seeking additional information on Avoidance Investigation, feel free to give us a call. From there we can arrange an appropriate time to discuss your pending HMRC Avoidance Investigation and get impartial advice on how best to tackle the situation. For the best service on Avoidance Investigations in Sittingbourne, be sure to contact Berwick Tax today.

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