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Fraud Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent

HMRC uses the Contractual Disclosure Facility (operated under Code of Practice 9) when investigating cases of suspected fraud. The process is fraught with dangers, and specialist advice is essential. Although the CDF is a civil process, the threat of criminal investigation remains for those who do not co-operate as and when the HMRC require it. The Fraud Investigations are conducted by officers from HMRC’s Specialist Investigations’ units, or their Local Compliance teams who have certain levels of power to enforce what they seem right for the purpose of any Fraud Investigation.

For Fraud Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent, please contact Berwick Tax today and we can discuss your requirements.

The Process of Fraud Investigations

Under the process, HMRC write to a taxpayer and invite them to participate in the CDF. The taxpayer has a limited time (60 days) to decide whether to admit fraud and to submit an outline disclosure of the fraud. Taxpayers who decide to co-operate will be given immunity from prosecution providing they meet certain criteria, and adhere to various deadlines set out by the HMRC during their Fraud Investigations.

Failure to co-operate, or not doing anything, may result in HMRC commencing a criminal investigation, or, at the very least, any penalties imposed will be significantly higher than would otherwise be the case. Not all cases of suspected fraud are dealt with via the Contractual Disclosure Facility. In some instances, HMRC commence a criminal investigation rather than giving the taxpayer the option to enter an agreement under the CDF.

The Contractual Disclosure Facility may be used where there is a voluntary disclosure involving tax fraud. This is why here at Berwick Tax we take Fraud Investigations in relation to tax and the HMRC extremely seriously. Our offices in Sittingbourne, Kent, offer a haven to discuss your concerns and get independent advice on how best to react to any initial letter.

Berwick Tax in Sittingbourne can help and assist with any Fraud Investigations whether it be with complete assistance throughout the investigation or just needing some information. We are here for you. Berwick Tax help with a wide range of investigations and put their full focus into all that they do to ensure that the outcome is with the best possible results. If you would like further information on Fraud Investigations in Sittingbourne, give Berwick Tax a call to find out more and all the services we offer.

Contact Berwick Tax to see how we can help you with any potential or ongoing HMRC Fraud Investigation in Sittingbourne. Berwick Tax are a friendly, trustworthy and professional team of Fraud Investigators in Sittingbourne, and are happy to help with any of your needs regarding Fraud Investigations.

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