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HMRC Criminal Investigation Advice in Sittingbourne, Kent

The number of Criminal Investigations conducted by HMRC has increased considerably in recent years especially as media coverage on tax avoidance has rose.

Once a Criminal Investigation has been started it can be very difficult, although not impossible, to get the case transferred into the civil regime which is where most HMRC investigations begin and end. Where a Criminal Investigation is pursued, we can assist in quantifying the tax liability. We use specialist barristers knowledgeable in tax prosecutions for clients faced with criminal proceedings to not only determine payments but potential outcomes and to mitigate the case according to reasonable practices. Our offices here in Sittingbourne, Kent are the base for all of our background and preparation work when it comes down to HMRC Criminal Investigations and Advice.

Examples HMRC Consider to be a Criminal Investigation Circumstance:

  • In cases of organised criminal gangs attacking the tax system or systematic frauds where losses represents a serious threat to the tax base, including conspiracy
  • Where an individual holds a position of trust or responsibility
  • Where, pursuing an avoidance scheme, reliance is placed on a false or altered document or such reliance or material facts are misrepresented to enhance the credibility of a scheme
  • Where deliberate concealment, deception, conspiracy or corruption is suspected
  • In cases involving the use of false or forged documents
  • In cases involving importation or exportation breaching prohibitions and restrictions
  • In cases involving money laundering with particular focus on advisors, accountants, solicitors and others acting in a ‘professional’ capacity who provide the means to put tainted money out of reach of law enforcement
  • Where the perpetrator has committed previous offences / there is a repeated course of unlawful conduct or previous civil action
  • In cases involving theft, or the misuse or unlawful destruction of HMRC documents
  • Where there is evidence of assault on, threats to, or the impersonation of HMRC officials
  • Where there is a link to suspected wider criminality, whether domestic or international, involving offences not under the administration of HMRC

If you are subject to a HMRC dawn raid, whether at your home or business, we can provide support, and introduce you to specialist lawyers. We can provide training for clients who wish to know what to do in the event of a raid should you be unsure of if you should be expecting one. Our experienced team of tax advisers will work with you to keep the HMRC Criminal Investigation under civil rulings meaning a completely different outcome.

If you require further information on Criminal Investigations in Sittingbourne, be sure to get in touch with Berwick Tax. We offer a top standard service and aim to achieve the best possible results.

When it comes to Criminal Investigations in Sittingbourne, Berwick Tax work to ensure the best possible outcome. Should you need a Criminal Investigation, or any investigation, Berwick Tax are perfect for the job so give us a call today!

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