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Professional Tax Advisers in Sittingbourne, Kent


Berwick Tax can provide assistance to accountancy practices in relation to HMRC enquiries or investigations (whether those conducted by “local” offices or a specialist HMRC unit), or related matters, into their clients. We can provide ongoing technical and tactical support, or assistance on this situation, if or when it is required. Berwick Tax have all the necessary skills and expertise to be a reliable and trustworthy Tax Adviser in Sittingbourne which you can rely on.

We can give Tax Advice on the options available where a client wishes to voluntarily regularise their tax affairs, including use of HMRC’s disclosure facilities (such as the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility). Tax Advice in Sittingbourne can be provided to the taxpayer directly or via the accountancy practice, depending on the circumstances.

Berwick Tax can provide you with any Tax Advice in Sittingbourne which the client feels necessary, whether it be general questions or help and advice. We can help with support during your investigation or just as and when you may need us. Be rest assured that, Berwick Tax are here for you to help overcome your Tax Investigation. We have decades of experience dealing with Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent and are not concerned when it comes to standing our ground and protecting our clients.

Legal Professionals

Solicitors or other legal professionals may be aware of, or identify, a tax problem that needs to be resolved. Alternatively, clients may contact their solicitor when they receive notification of a HMRC investigation, or wish to make an approach to HMRC.

If you are undergoing a Tax Investigation, be sure to get the best Tax Advisers and legal professionals. This way you know you will be fully supported in your investigation with the right Tax Advice necessary to move forward during and once the investigation is over. By choosing the right advisers and legal professionals for your investigations, they are able to supply you with the right help, advice and information needed to help towards ending your Tax Investigation.

Financial Advisers and Other Advisers

It is not uncommon for financial, or other advisers to become aware of tax problems, or potential issues, during discussions with their clients. The adviser may identify a problem, or the client may have inherited a situation that needs to be resolved with HMRC.

Financial Advisers can help with problems regarding Tax Investigations or Tax Advice. If you are undergoing a Tax Investigation, and wish to receive Tax Advice, Financial and other advisers could be a necessity to proceed with your investigation successfully.

We are happy to meet the client, with the adviser, if required, to establish the options available to the clients. If you are seeking a professional Tax Adviser in Sittingbourne, Berwick Tax are perfect for the job. We can help with all of your Tax Advising needs to ensure you get the right help you deserve. Contact us today to discuss any of your needs regarding a Tax Adviser in Sittingbourne. For professional, friendly and reliable help Berwick Tax are the ones to rely on.

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