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Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent

Berwick Tax specialise in Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne. We have many years of experience, which allows us to analyse each case individually and know the best course of action to take. Our knowledge of Tax Investigations allows us to help with the clients needs when being put under investigation. From investigation to investigation, the needs of the client can change, so we alter our methods of action to ensure we get the best possible results. No matter the client, Tax Investigation or reasoning, we always ensure our client get the best possible service in order to achieve the best results in the Tax Investigation.

What Are the Reasons Tax Investigations Can Occur?

  • You file tax returns late, pay tax late or make errors that need correcting
  • There are inconsistencies or substantial variations between different returns, such as a large fall in income or increase in costs
  • Your costs are abnormally high for businesses in your industry
  • Your tax returns are inconsistent with how busy your business actually is or your standard of living
  • You have offshore bank accounts
  • You have income from property
  • You operate in a high-risk industry, such as businesses that routinely take cash payments, or an industry that HMRC has decided to target
  • HMRC receives a tip-off

HMRC’s enquiries and Tax Investigations can take many forms. From an enquiry into a particular aspect of a client’s tax return, to a full-blown interrogation of their business records. Whatever type of HMRC action clients are faced with, we will ensure that the inspector only gets the information and documents they are entitled to and need in order to perform their duty. We have decades of experience dealing with Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent and are not concerned when it comes to standing our ground and protecting our clients.

HMRC have access to a wide and extensive database of information, and have sophisticated software, called Connect, to assist their risk-profiling of taxpayers. Where profits or income are understated, we will consider how the additional tax liability can be mitigated, and advise how penalties can be mitigated. We can help you ensure that processes are changed, where necessary, to minimise the risk of problems in the future and bring closure to any Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne, you may be subject to.

We do not sit in moral judgement, but work with our clients to minimise the impact of a HMRC enquiry. We can work with your existing adviser, if you have one, to bring the enquiry to a conclusion. We will establish the facts, so that Berwick Tax as Tax Investigators in Sittingbourne, can best represent you, and bring about a negotiated settlement with HMRC where it is established that there are additional tax liabilities. Berwick Tax will consider the technical position, and also apply a practical approach. We recognise HMRC’s right to enquire into tax returns, but we will ensure that they do so within the statutory framework.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne, Kent, you have came to the right place. Berwick Tax are a team of friendly, reliable and professional members who are happy to help. Be sure you get in touch with Berwick Tax today and speak to one of our professional team members regarding Tax Investigations in Sittingbourne.

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